Conflict always…

Working students at our school usually experience conflicts with regards to schedule of class with the schedule of work. That’s why some of us do not have the opportunity to enjoy things that we want like most normal students can do.

Awhile ago during our class my “friends” were talking and their subject was ME. Maybe they didn’t notice that I’m  just seats away from them. Moving on, I heard someone who said something about me that made me feel bad. I was so shocked to hear those words from that person knowing that we’re close friends.  I am so disappointed about that and I don’t know what to say. At lunch, we’re all together… I just pretend that I didn’t here anything from them because I know this may cause trouble.

Life goes on… I know I can surpass this however having these kind of friends really annoyed me. Still I have some friends that I know I can trust and my family is always there for me to support and love me.


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