SAD happy…

Unlike any other Saturday this second semester. Today was very tiring yet fulfilling. Me and some of my classmates went to Monumento because we thought that the main office of the company that we chose for our SAD subject was located there. However, when we got there they told us that the main office was located at Mayon which is somewhere in Quezon City. All the way from Monumento we traveled to reach Mayon. Due to the unavailability of the officer-in-charge me and Issay talked to the persons present there about their organization to get some information for our study.

Hours later before our “escapade” we had our 7-10am SAD LAB. and 11-12 Quantitative Method Class. During our SAD Lab. our professor told us that the papers we passed was not correct that’s why we formulate set of questions which we asked to the organization to be able to improve the details that we had in our study.

After our “Socialites escapade” Edward, Rhea, Lloyd, Jhe, Henry, Issay, and me went home to get some rest because our experience during this day was really tiring. We just hope that our study regarding the organization we chose would be successful. I know we can do this if all of us would cooperate and collaborate with one another. Go 3 IS-A. Ajah! πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “SAD happy…

  1. Your right! I may say that i also did not cooperate on your escapade to day and i’m really sorry about that. I do not want to reason out why i do not come. You are right everyone should cooperate and everyone should put our SAD and thesis in priority
    because this two subjects would be needed for our practicum if I’m not mistaken about it.

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