Sanity Strikes Back

Sanity Strikes Back

Alone..alone..i’m here left alone,
like arrows flushed by a bow;
no distinct path, no destination,
since I lost my precarious addiction.

All seemed dreary and quiet,
Look.. I appear like a mummy in a casket;
Reminisced the story of Romeo and Juliet,
Hoping, that my tale end just like it.

There are some, who wants me back,
Leave the phantoms and memoirs that flack;
Persuading my actions to become brave,
And ponder to the life GOD had gave.

Maybe….it’s time to let go,
Even it’s hard to see you go;
I hate this life filled with colors of blue.
“If you’re happy, then I’m happy for you”

Back to the time when I was born,
Felt the happiness that I typically worn;
Thanks to my buds, who invigorated me,
I’m no more….DESPICABLE ME!

I still remember…..
The day that I saw that precious flower;
And even a heavy rain had lingered
STILL, its beauty whispered..

And when the rose sting its thorns,
The pain exceeds through your bones;
For all the times, don’t see yourself expecting,
Because, it may turn out.. outcomes would be unsatisfying.

But just like any other rose,
One by one, its petals dries and even falls;
Although they become withered as time goes,
The memories it yielded still moans.

Sometimes this is how we experience life,
We just can’t stop the feeling that’s inside;
But in the moment we move and decide,
We realize..That this love… is the slowest form of suicide.

by: Jeremiah Serrano


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