people are meant to be together forever

if your lucky you’ll never gonna see me again

the worse thing you can do in life is say no to love

Iโ€™ve got 99 problems and a BITCH AINโ€™T ONE

we’re sex friends, friends who sex

i can’t believe you chose those girls

i got over it, you should too

we’re friends with benefits, like sex buddies

between Adam and anybody, I’d choose Adam, anytime

you make my heart skip a BEAT

i don’t need you to take care of me. i take care of myself that’s what i do

Emma: why don’t you go find some other girls who’s not gonna hurt you. Adam: because i love you

we didn’t break up, we never started

i lost him

we were never together

keep bleeding

*lines from the movie that strikes the most*


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