Boom Badoom Nicki Minaj

Bought a Blackberry 9320 qwerty phone to get  2 patron tickets for Nicki Minaj’s Pink Tour for free. Before, I was thinking of selling the ticket so I can have extra money to buy the underwater pouch for my Canon S100. However, no one purchased my Nicki Minaj tickets so I decided to watch it with my sister who’s a Nicki Minaj fan. HAHAHA.

As I inform my sister bout this, nagtatalon sya [hindi ko alam pano ko ito ieenglish e haha]. Anyway, I’m not a Nicki Minaj fan I will watch for the sake of my sister who didn’t attend to her classes just to go to Manila and watch the concert.

Here’s some photos of the concert.

We ate at French Baker before watching coz my sister is craving for a fettuccine pasta. haha. For some photos we look like twins haha.

And by the way, the arena gone wild when starships and superbass was sang by Nicki 🙂


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