Trip to Coron

I always dream of going around the Philippines. last year I went to Bicol, CDO, Bukidnon, Iligan, and Camiguin. I started my 2012 of going to Laiya, then Mt. Pinatubo, Ilocos Sur and Norte, and now Coron.
Upon arriving to Busuanga Airport, there was a van who fetch us which cost us 150php each to Coron Town proper.

It took us 45 minutes to arrive at Princess of Coron, the place we stayed from Wednesday to Saturday.

On our day 1 we went to the following places:

  • Kayangan Lake
  • Twin Peaks Reef
  • CYC Island

I saw a preview of Coron way back college days when it was featured in a TV Show in ABS CBN. Kayangan Lake was one of the popular tourist spot in Coron.

Going down to the lake.

Kayangan Lake.

We had our lunch after we enjoyed the feel of the lake.

Next to Kayangan Lake was Twin Peaks Reef wherein we enjoyed the feel of the corals and the fishes.

The last stop for day 1 was Coron Youth Club Island.

And that ends our day 1.

On our day 2, we first went to Bulog Dos Island

Then to Banana Island, the most beautiful island in Coron (for me).

We’re also surprised that fishes can be found in the shallow part of the ocean.

Next stop was Malcapuya Island.

The sand is so white and i am so brownish hahaha.

Since we only had limited time on our first day, we had the chance to visit the places we missed.

Bulungan Island

And Hidden Lagoon

It’s also my first time too to see a starfish.

On our day 3, we first went to see Japan’s Gun Boat

Then to Coral Garden

Then to Calumbuyan Island.

A way to end our day 3 was to visit the Mt. Maquinit Hot Spring

We also decided to eat a “decent” dinner on our 3rd day.

Had a bottle of beer and a banana flambee after dinner at Bistro Coron

waaaaaaaa! Day 4, our last day of Coron.

As Niko Sumaya said, our Coron trip will not be complete if we did not go to Mt Tapyas. And so we go hahaha.

Walked 700 plus steps to the hill to see the cross and the aerial view of Coron.

Random photos from our trip.

Click here for more photos.

Day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4


4 thoughts on “Trip to Coron

    • i bought an underwater pouch for my camera 🙂 dicapac lang bud hehe 🙂 ayun. malinaw pa rin photos ni canon S100 and hindi naman pinasok ng water ung pouch. Onti pa yang photos hehe. more pa as FB

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