Facepalm award goes to this story…

December 2011

Hindi gf: ano ba tayo?
Hindi bf: closefriends? More like bestfriends.
Hindi gf: ayaw mo ba mag level up?
Hindi bf: okay naman tayong ganito dba..

With that, the girl settled for being the bestfriend of the ex boyfriend.

What do “bestfriends” usually do?
-watch movies together
-hangout together
-eat together

No holding hands, no “akbays”, no kiss, and etc.

February 2012

Hindi bf: i love you.
Hindi gf: hindi ba bestfriends tayo?

#endofconversation #facepalm

That moment when you realized you answered wrongly and he did not even fight for something like, “let’s go beyond that”. Maybe those words would change everything. Maybe those words would eliminate the bestfriend thingy into something that you would not expect. But that did not happen.

November 2012

Hindi gf: tayo na lang sana.
Hindi bf: pwede naman.

#endofconversation #anotherfacepalm

Srsly? “Pwede naman”

Can’t it be just yes or no? Our actions do not describe two people as bestfriends. If we’re going to meet 1-2 times a week, eat dinner and watch movie that would mean something. Something thats worth fighting for. Something that should go beyond the current situation. Yet it just stays there as is.

Maybe there are “kakulangans”.

Maybe someone is giving more yet the other person cannot.

Maybe someone is not yet willing to commit because of his “wants”.

What seems to be wrong?

Whats lacking?

Why can’t it be real?


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