2012 it is!

Just because i want to look back on what happened on 2012 doesn’t mean i would stay there.


  • Unofficially Yours – nakakaloka to! haha. nagpareserve kami via sureseats pero dahil ang haba ng pila sa claiming area we’re 7 minutes late sa pagclaim and naforfeit agad sya. so we ended up sitting on the first row, parang 3D ung feeling nugn movie e. hahaha.
  • Started wearing see-through top haha
  • Madalas na hangout with Nicole, Jek, and Ohi. Walang pinipiling araw! haha
  • Mommy ET gave me ung Snickers na mahaba
  • Little Giants (HP Women’s Basketball Team) victory party at AC’s house. Hyper ang kapatid nya. haha
  • First beer pong experience at Cable Car
  • Saw that the Starbucks planner has no September 19, why?! hahaha
  • Watched Sherlock Holmes 2 with le “bestfriend”
  • Went to Laiya Batangas with officemates – first travel na all boys. hahaha


  • Got a Hello Kitty toy na may nakalagay na i love you sa locker ko hahaha. nasurprise talaga ko pero alam ko kaibigan ko ang naglagay non para pakiligin ako on Valentine’s day hahaha
  • Went to Hot Air Balloon Festival with Niko and Glenn. Feeling ko napilitan lang silang isama ako. Infairness nagnoynoying kami dun all day. hahaha. nanchicks lang kami at kumain.
  • Received a geek shirt from le “bestfriend” which shows “YOU ARE THE CSS TO MY HTMLS”
  • Discovered that 2 bars of KitKat contains 107 calories hahaha
  • Watched Lucky One starring Zac Efron and This Means War with le “bestfriend
  • Received a mini grocery cart from Coach Ying
  • Been involved in PGCC Coffee Talk organizing committee


  • Ilocos trip with Abby, Rizelle, and Mau. First time to make an itinerary for our trip and it feels so good. hahaha
  • Ate a lot of the Ilocano dishes and naki-jam sa isang gimikan sa Vigan. kasi feeling ko singer ako haha


  • Birthday trek at Mt. Pinatubo with Niko, Glenn, Ron, and Ate Tin
  • Birthday with TomasinoWeb EB 09-10 at Chateau Royale Nasugbu Batangas – ung naligaw ligaw kami kasi ung inassign ko para alaming ung directions ay fail hahaha. Birthday lunch at Leslie’s Tagaytay the next day
  • Birthday party at Bulacan with family – shempre dami birthday party hahaha


  • Bought Canon S100 as a post birthday gift to my self hahaha
  • Anawangin Zambales Team Building with officemates (off course)


  • 1 year at work
  • Bought blackberry dahil sa data plan at Nicki Minaj concert ticket hahaha – watched it with le sister


  • Started watching UAAP Men’s Basketball game.
  • Watched Jayeslee’s Concert at Robinsons
  • Watched Cinemalaya for a week
  • Started making graham cakes and sell them when ready
  • Tomasinoweb EB 09-10 reunion but Roujo’s absent
  • Dark Knight Rises. waaaa!
  • Went to Nicole’s house to drink two red horse mucho with hotdogs and caramelized spam as pulutan. oh yeah! Asia shift the next day, bangers! hahaha
  • CIB team building – bowling at Eastwood c/o madame Kajd
  • Went to Tomasinoweb recruitment 101 and saw Slater Young hahaha laglag!
  • College classmates dinner – with Kat, Kc, Igi, Jing, Jop, and JM


  • Coron Trip with High Five but without Ron


  • Yumi and Inay’s birthday


  • Cebu and Bohol trip with Kuya Jays cause Kuya Nikko was not able to join
  • Applied as an Instructor at the UST Faculty of Engineering


  • Started teaching at UST for IT 260 – Software Quality Assurance
  • FFC 2012 was held at UST
  • Introduced GeekMuch to the madlang people


  • Lovelife just ended this month but luckily there are a lot of Christmas and Year Ender Parties with friends – experienced drinking beer almost everyday hahaha
  1. CI&R coffee talk
  2. High Five Night Out
  3. HP Wide
  4. EAI
  5. EAI Non Sap
  6. USTFU
  7. ENG ICS
  8. TomWeb
  9. Paskuhan
  10. UBE rockband
  • Spontaneous trip to Tagaytay with “ampalaya” friends without KC hahaha
  • Nagpakulot because i wanted to move on.

Some months may have short descriptions but every in month there will always be movie/movies that I will watch with my bestfriend and especially random dinner trippin and coffee bonding.

Planned SM megamall dates with Inay Donn, we usually shop till mamulubi ako at sya muna ang magbayad tapos babayaran ko na lang sa kanya. And syempre food trip together with Itay Dinno. Family bonding such as inuman and lovelife sharing hahaha

Travel. Hindi ako pinapayagan but go pa rin ako. I just make sure na may pasalubong ako pagkauwi ko hahaha

Sabi nga sa IT260, during Review more that 50% but less than 90% can be inspected and identified, meaning ndi lahat nalagay ko dito. Once maalala ko idadagdag ko pa rin .

Live life to the fullest as they say. Hindi man ako gnon kayaman, mayaman naman ako sa kaibigan at pamilya. Malungkot man ako minsan pero I make sure na after non masaya na ulit ako. Madalas man akong uminom pero nakakauwi naman ako dahil sabi ni tatay lagi magtitira ng panguwi hahaha. Sawi man ako sa lovelife, I guess okay naman ang career ko?

More fun in 2013!

Thank God for all this 🙂


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