The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Jace to Clary:

I always thought love made you stupid. Made you weak. A bad shadow hunter. To love is to destroy. I believed that. And then I met you. You were a mundane. Weak. Not a fighter. Never trained. And then I saw how much you loved your mother, loved Simon, and how you’d walk into hell to save them… Love didn’t make you weak, it made you stronger than anyone I’d ever met. And I realized I was the one who was weak.


I know how you think you feel about me, you don’t though. You just like me because I’m safe. There’s no risk. And then you never have to try to have a real relationship because you can use me as an excuse.

Hodge Starkweather:

Everything you’ve heard… about monsters, about nightmares, legends whispered around campfires. All the stories are true.

Hodge Starkweather:

Half Angel, Half human. Beings of immense power, strong enough to restore balance… and protect the world in a war against evil.


Demons exist across the world, in their varying different forms.

Jace to Clary:

You have an incredible gift and we need you… I need you.



I just don”t know how to look at the world anymore.


The world is the same, you’re the one different.


Jace to Clary:

I’m inlove with you and you just don’t feel the same way.



The one true love remains myself.


When you’re impulsive, things go badly.



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