Bakit Ganun [71]

Okay. I should not overthink.

Last night I got this message


At first I was like, wth?! I can’t remember anyone na nakaaway ko or nakabangga ko the past few days, weeks, or months. So I decided to ask my friends if pinagttripan nila ako. They said not. So i got worried and terrified, anong nangyayare?

I called Globe and asked if they can trace the owner of the number. Turned out prepaid pala un, I thot na ung 0917 lahat is postpaid. But anyway I called NTC after that and ang process nila is to send an email to them they’ll check on the issue.

I informed my parents about this and since wala naman ako nakakaaway they said na baka insecure or inggit. But why? I don’t have something to brag about.

I’m still worried that’s why I wrote this blog entry. I just hope that this is just a prank.


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