HCI thoughts

Here are some random thoughts I got from my students blog entries which I can relate and stumbled upon.

“We all have our moments when we feel so broken that no one in this world could possibly understand. Moments when we feel everything so very deeply that even dropping our pen makes us want to break down and cry. And during those dark times, we wish there’s someone whom we can show the deepest part of our consciousness. Someone to see our twisted thoughts, the monsters, the horrors that keep us screaming late into the night. Just that someone who can make us feel that we are not alone.” -http://charmendaya.wordpress.com/

“I often hear people complain about how hard and unfair things are in their lives. It’s true. Our lives wouldn’t be complete without the hardships. So, what are we going to do about it? Would we just give up? No. Giving up is never the answer. It never is and it never will be. The only thing we could do is be prepared for it. We have to do our best to grow, to be better.” – http://remthetheorem.wordpress.com/

Why is it that the missing stuff in our room seem to be playing hide and seek with us every time we try to look for them? It may be our favorite shirt, a charger of our phones which we couldn’t live without, or our ever comforting earphones. But when our mothers enter the room, they find it right away. It’s weird. It’s been some kind of a mystery we choose to overlook. When we come to think of it, it really is just simple. – http://charmendaya.wordpress.com/

Nothing that is given to us is worthless. – http://7cker.wordpress.com/

I must agree when she said that “iba yung sinasabi sa totoong nagyayare”because sometimes we really don’t know if a person you’re chatting with is really sincere with what he says. It is proven that there are people who really get along well on the virtual world but when it comes to the physical world,it seems like they don’t even bother to notice each other. People tend to forget to make an effort to establish good relationship on the real physical world. – http://gozokat.wordpress.com/

As I remember, she said “don’t overthink dahil mahihirapan ka lang”. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with the whole picture of the task instead of thinking  the basics of doing it. And because of that, we always think that it is hard and impossible to be finished which makes us give up easily. – http://gozokat.wordpress.com/


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