August 30

Something I got from my student. I was so touched. I have to blog it because sometimes I tend to look for it and read it again and again.

August 30, 2014. I knew there was something terribly wrong the moment our instructor came into our room that day. She walked slower than her usual pace. The smile she had every time she walked into our room was absent. Her voice wasn’t as strong and as clear as it usually is. She wasn’t as excited about the UAAP game like most of us were. It felt like she wasn’t the Ma’am Kit that I’ve known and adored.

Something was bothering her, and it showed. She was having a hard time explaining the different kinds of interfaces to us. It was admirable of her to still continue on with our discussion. Chapter 6 was about interfaces. There are 20 different kinds and each had its own purpose. Everything was pretty much self-explanatory.

I wanted to know what happened, but asking her might have seemed rude. It was a good thing that someone spoke up. “Ma’am, ba’t kayo malungkot?” Suddenly, learning about interfaces didn’t seem relevant to me anymore. She smiled a little. Then, she started telling us that there was this guy that told her a lot of stuff, and that she was intimidating. All she could reply to the guy was Whut?

She was overwhelmed. I understood her. We all have those moments when we are at a loss for words. Those moments that you don’t have enough time to process things and an immediate reply was needed. Those moments that if you took time to think about things, the silence wouldn’t be bearable for the two of you. And I hate those moments.


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