3 Days Japan Visa

So how fast am I able to get my Japan Visa? 3 days it is!



Below is the list of requirements:

  1. Philippine Passport
  2. Visa Application Form
  3. One 2×2 Photo with white background that must be pasted in the application form
  4. Birth Certificate – must be issued within one year
  5. Daily schedule in Japan (itinerary)
  6. Bank Certificate – must be issued within 3 months
    • Must be addressed to Japan Embassy
  7. Income Tax Return (ITR) – must be issued within one year
    • In case you don’t have your updated ITR and your in a hurry to get your visa, you can attach a letter explaining why you don’t have the updated copy and you can also include your payslip as a supporting document.


  • List of Visa Applicants (if many)
  • Marriage Contract (if married)
  • COE

Special thanks to Reli Tours for the smooth transaction which only cost 1200php

I would love to answer your question (if there’s any) by commenting to this blog post 🙂


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