IS 206 – Full of worth

i’m about to cry

lingadjaz ✪

Hooray for my only blog for this semester! 🙂

To my professor, Thank you for everything. I hope you won’t get bored in reading my blog. All statements were written out of my overflowing feels for this subject. Wishing that you’ll finish up until the last line of my words of appreciation.

I’m writing this blog for my professor. I consider her one of those few professors who can make impact in the lives of the students. Most but not all aim for that, but only a few can actually do that. In my Business Process Model (BPM) Class, I have learned alot about business, how a business works, the process of every stage it goes through, management of a business, and all. My professor once said that the safest way on how you will know what track do you want to take is “Isipin niyo nalang kung gusto niyo bang…

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