It’s not goodbye. It’s see you soon!

As I part ways with the University who really gave me a lot of life experiences I want to thank my students for being with me since day 1 (October 2012 to December 2015).

For me, teaching in UST is not about “oh you teach in UST”. It’s about how you make your students learn. What will your students will be in the future based on the courses you’ve taught.

Hindi maiiwasan ma-attach sa mga students lalo na if nakikita mo talagang natututo sila. Nakakaiyak minsan isipin na gusto ko pa naman talagang magstay pero siguro hindi nga talaga lahat ng gusto natin nakukuha natin.

In those 3 years, hindi lang students ko ang natuto pero ako rin. Maniwala man kayo or hindi, gusto ko lang talaga maexperience magturo wayback 2012 hanggang sa minahal ko na ung craft kasi sobrang fulfilling. Ung maririnig mo sa mga students mo na:

“Ms. Valmadrid kami sa subject na yan kaya alam ko na yan.”

“Ma’am Kit kami jan e, tinuro nya yan.”

“Ma’am Kit yan e.”

“Ma’am where have you been the past two years?” (para sa mga isang sem ko lang nahandle)

Sobrang mamimiss ko magturo. As in! Super duper mega. Mamimiss ko lahat ng students ko from 2012-2015. Sobrang nagpapasalamat ako sa 3 years of experience sa school to be with the students I had. Sobrang challenging pumasok araw araw kasi kailangan may alam akong greater sa alam ng students. Ung bawal akong magkamali sa tinuturo ko kasi alam kong madidisappoint ung mga students.

To my students, keep on believing in yourselves. Nasa inyo ang lakas wala sa mga prof! We are here para ilabas kung ano man ung mga skills nyo na alam namin meron kayo pero minsan nahihiya lang kayo or hindi kayo confident. Kagaya nga ng sabi ko before, kung alam nyo ng wala naman tinuturo ung prof nyo kayo na ang mag adjust kasi dba masakit magexpect. Sorry if minsan demanding ako sa class pero para naman sa inyo lahat un. Sorry din if may mood swings ako (babae kasi). Sorry if may mga nabubully ako. At lalong sorry kasi napasobra ata ung mga hugot lines ko sa class. HAHAHA. mamimiss nyo yan!!!

Thank you for all the lines that was mentioned in your blogs. Lalo akong nalungkot! grrr! HAHA

I hope na makatrabaho ko kayo in the future. I am just one tweet away and I will always be here for you guys!


“At first, I had the impression of her as one of the professors who gave a lot of tasks for her students though it was true 😂 But later on, I realized that it was good on our part. I’ve really learned a lot from her especially from her experiences in her work. To be honest, I’ve never really had a clear understanding of what to do at work when I graduate in the IS program not until Ma’am Kit became our professor. I’ve really learned a lot from her and she gave me more inspiration to work hard and finish this program.”

“Naranasan ko na yung pagiging moody nyo, pag walk out sa room and of course sermon. Pero okay lang. Parang iba pa rin siguro yung dating sa akin pag “Ma’am Kit” ang prof.”

“We’ll surely miss everything about you, the wiki, endless hugot when we didn’t see it coming, our early dismissal, your casual talk to our section even if its class hours, our weekly quiz that we’re already used to it, and many more.”

“I learned a lot from our professor, not only theories but also real life situations. Ma’am Kit is a great professor”

“Now I can say she’s one of the best that this university can offer to its students. At first I thought that she gave too much work to her students, but then as terms passed and she’s still my professor, there’s a lot that I have learned from her. Works are given to students for a purpose. Not all the time to learn theories, concepts, but also to learn the attitude and personality that the students should have…”

“She gave examples of what really is happening in the industry, and also surprisingly, she can just connect anything to a “hugot” instantly. Maybe aside from the lessons that I have learned from her, the “hugot class” is what I will miss with this professor.”

“I’m gonna miss her jokes, hugots, life lessons, and of course the free food hahaha.

“i don’t regret choosing this track over the other. I learned a lot this sem and the excitement i’m feeling about my future career grows. ”

“…thank you for being our professor since when we were freshmen. All of the things you imparted with us since day 1 will be kept. We’ve seen each other grow at the same time(you in your career and us in our studies) and it’s quite sad its about to end(ang drama yak). ”

“We truly appreciate all your side stories about what is happening in the real world… You are one of the professor whom I admire, of having achievements, small or big ones you are not ashamed of sharing it with us. All the knowledge that you have learned, especially the new ones, you make sure that the class is up to date.”

“We got to know more about the “outside world” and what it’s really like to be in the industry. I’m also happy that we were given a chance to handle a real client. It was both a challenging and fulfilling experience.”

“It was sad and disappointing to lose a professor who actually works in the field, and knows what the students really need. ”

“Without you I’ll never learn all those knowledge that you have taught us… We will miss you Miss. Marikit Valmadrid! “Sana po hinintay niyo muna kami grumaduate before ka umalis” We still need you, we still need to learn more but we respect your decisions in life”

“I would like to thanks Ms. Marikit Valmadrid for becoming our teacher for project management course though so many work to be done and many deadlines to work on. But she teaches us to become responsible on our part that we can use on future.”

“Ma’am Kit for the doughnuts and for guiding us in our Project Management experience. Not only in this subject but in our past subjects which you have handled. This maybe the last time we would see you as our professor and I’m very thankful.”

“Thank you for the knowledge that you have shared with us. I know that this would be quite cheesy but I’m glad that I had a professor like you. We will miss you Ma’am.”

“Thank You ma’am for being patient, very understanding, for sharing with us your life lessons and stories. We truly appreciate all your side stories about what is happening in the real world.  I will personally miss you 😦 You are one of the professor whom I admire, of having achievements, small or big ones you are not ashamed of sharing it with us. All the knowledge that you have learned, especially the new ones, you make sure that the class is up to date. “


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