XinKit goes to Malaysia and Singapore

Travelling Kit returns as she went to Malaysia and Singapore with Xin last November 17 to 22, 2016. Below is the itinerary and experience for everyone’s reference:

Day 1:

  • Manila to KL
  • KLIA to KL City
  • the travel from KL International Airport to the City via Uber or Grab is 1 to 1.5 hours.
  • via train is 30 mins only

Upon arrival we bought the famous popcorn in town.

I am travelling with Xin and she is not fond of trains so we took an Uber on our way to the hostel.

Since we got tired during the 4 hours travel from Manila we just ate at KFC and checked in at Backhome Hostel.

This is near Chinatown, train station, KFC, Mcdo, convenient stores, and KL Tower.

It was a hostel but they also have private rooms in case you want some privacy but you still need to use the common CR outside. They also offer free breakfast and they have a small kitchen at the ground floor.

Day 2:

We went from KL to Johor to KL via Malaysia Airlines. We went to Johor for Legoland only nothing more nothing less. You can go around the theme park for 4 to 5 hours only. It was not a good idea of ours to use this approach. We should just take a bus from SG to Johor since its nearer and less hassle.

We also tried riding the train when we got back from Johor. You need to ride the KLIA express from the airport to KL Sentral. It was a 30 minutes ride.

We got surprised upon arrival at KL Sentral. It was like MRT-LRT EDSA Taft station. Haha!

Day 3:

Since KL tower is just beyond our hostel we went to take a few photos. We did not go up because my travel buddy is afraid of heights.

Petronas Tower is just a few minutes walk from here so it can be your next stop.

We ate lunch at KLCC and took the free KL City bus going to Bukit Bintang to shop. The area is like the GH and Gilmore of Manila only that they sell original items at a very low price.

We were not able to go around the city that much since we ended up stuck in a rally that day. We went back to the hostel to drop off some stuff and go back to KLCC for night photos of Petronas.

Day 4:

We took an early morning flight from KL to Singapore. We’ve heard good stories and experiences about SG but ours did not end that well.

As we land, we checked in at The Pod near Haji Lane. Its a capsule hostel, so to set expectations, our space is too small for the two of us and for our things.

After we checked in, we walk to Haji Lane since its super near our hostel.

Then took a train ride to Gardens By the Bay.

If you would ask me the tickets cost you can check their website. But for us, we purchased the tickets ahead of time via Asia Travel. Its cheaper since it happened to be part of their promo period. Upon arriving at Gardens by the Bay we also went to the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. I expected the area to be so hot, but its the opposite. It was super cold inside especially in Cloud Forest.

We got tired since there is a lot of walking in the area so we decided to go back to the hostel to take some rest.

Since some of our friends stays in SG and we are too lazy to think on how we will go to the Merlion Park we requested them to tour us 🙂 So lucky that Dex and Kajd helped us because if not, we might get lost. HAHA.

We got tired to take the perfect photo at Merlion Park so we decided to eat at Makansutra which is just a few minutes walk from the park. We also tried to look for the 1 dollar ice cream but it happened to be 1.25 already or 1.50.

There are a lot of food choices at Makansutra and it is surely a must try in the area. It was so nice to eat a sumptuous dinner after a long day.

We took a lot of fail photos in the Merlion Park because its a tourist destination and there are a lot of people taking photos too.

We spent the night eating and taking photos in the area. There are also cultural show and light show since it is just across the Marina Bay Sands.

By the way, don’t forget to try the Malaysian Milk Tea if you have time.

Day 5:
Universal Studios Day! Yey! We also purchased our ticket at Asia Travel since its cheaper and it includes a one way free ride but you can also purchase the theme park ticket at the booth in USSG. This is located inside the Resorts World Sentosa Singapore, so after Universal Studios you can also check on other tourists destination in the area.

It was so easy to go around and we just finished exploring the theme park within 4 to 5 hours just like Lego Land.

We capped off our day by watching Wings of Time. This was recommended by our friend and the show did not fail us. It was so good!

Day 6:

This is our last day and we spent it walking and buying souvenirs at Chinatown.

We also checked out at The Pod hostel and from there we already ride an Uber to the airport for only 30 minutes.

Since I like Hello Kitty that much I did not forget to try the Hello Kitty Cafe located in Terminal 2.

After eating and waiting for the boarding time, we spent our remaining hours in Singapore to consume all our SG dollars and some relaxation in the free massage chairs in the airport.

We did get sick since our day 4 but it did not hinder us to go around and spend most out of the two countries. We might not be fond of their food selections but at least we have tried and we experienced going to these two countries.

Thanks to my friends who helped us out in our itinerary and off course to my travel buddy for going with me on this trip.

We hope that our itinerary and experience will help you out on your trip! Safe travels! 🙂




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