XinKit goes to Puerto Prinsesa

A trip to Puerto Prinsesa Palawan was an unexpected one.

Last October 27  to 29 we went to Palawan again. One for a company related activity and second is for leisure.

I was about to meet a Customer for a meeting on those days and at the same time we decided to go to Dos Palmas.

On the first night we stayed at Microtel.

Decided to have dinner at Ka Lui’s. This is one of their best restaurants in town. We also tried to schedule a visit here when we had our El Nido trip but we did not make it.

I thought that there are unique foods in Ka Lui. But what’s special is the place and the ambiance of the restaurant.

On the second day we had breakfast at Microtel before my meeting.

Microtel is a good place to stay in PPS. The room was so okay and the view was fine too. After my meeting we went to Dos Palmas Island for some relaxation.

We enjoyed the private island: eating, swimming, playing billiards and table tennis.

Our flight got delayed on our way back to Manila but who cares? we are so thankful for this unexpected trip as we completed most of Palawan’s tourist destination (Puerto Prinsesa, Coron, and El Nido).


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