Xin and Kit goes to HK and Macau

We left Manila at 10:40am and arrived Hong Kong around 12:40. From the airport we went straight to HK Disneyland via Airport Express > Tsing Yi > Sunny Bay > Disneyland because we are in a hurry.

But in case you don’t want to spend much for the airport express you can take the bus coz it’s cheaper. Before you ride the train you need to buy an octopus card for 150hkd at the airport.

This card is reloadable and if you did not consume all of your HKD, just surrender your card at any train station or at the airport. Refund fee is at 9hkd.

The train going to Disneyland was so cool you can find a lot of not so hidden Mickeys.

Since we still have our bags with us, we left our luggage in the valet for 100hkd.

We bought our theme park tickets at the counter for 589hkd.

As Xin mentioned, her HK trip will not be completed without visiting the nearest Disneyland in Manila.

We arrived at around 3 pm and we go straight to the newest attraction which is Ironman exhibits and rides.

After which, we ate a 99hkd worth of two pcs chicken. Extra rice is at 18hkd tho haha! 

We finished going around at I guess 7ish. Ate some snack and waited for the parade and fireworks in front of the castle.

We did a little shopping and ride a train back to our hostel to eat and rest. It’s my second time in HK and decided to stay again at HK Taisan Guesthouse. Its location is very close to the foreign exchange, malls, food choices, and Victoria Harbour. Since its a guesthouse it’s too small for me, xin, and our friends.

We ate dinner at McDo haha. It’s the nearest that we can have plus we are too tired to walk even if we want to. Arriving at McDo, we are welcomed with a touch screen monitor to enter our orders. We can even pay using our octopus card or credit card. In case you don’t have, you can pay cash at the counter.

This is so cool! #suchcoolness 😍

Day 2 is meant for Webconf.Asia

This is why we went to HK. I, Sarah, and Ia (PWDO girls) attended the conference to learn and chill at the same time.

This is just the right time for us to get updated and attend a conference wherein we are not organizers but merely participants.

We are so thankful that our friends from Webconf.Asia gave discounts for PH attendees.

We spent our whole day at the conference. Too bad that Xin was not able to come with us.

As we went home to the hostel, Xin and me decided to walk around and have dinner at Mongkok. We can’t decide on where to eat until we saw this chicken nugget near a street food stall.

The chicken is delicious and would be perfect if you have a rice beside you. Haha!

Mongkok is a shopping haven for shoe lovers because theres a place called sneakers street in the area. You can also bargain for the price of the souvenirs that you can find.

Day 3

We ate a wanton noodle worth 44hkd somewhere in TST.

The wanton looks so small but it’s good for two persons. We really did not understand their menu, no English translation too. Good thing there are photos. Haha.

We went to 1881 heritage after breakfast. It’s only a few walks from our place. This is a former marine police headquarters turned shopping mall and tourist destination.

We just crossed the street and we are at Victoria Harbour already.

The light show is at 7:45 pm and there are a lot of instagrammable areas in this place. We went here on a Sunday so there are a lot of OFWs in the area. It’s good to see your kababayans when traveling. They make you feel that you are not alone in a foreign country.

After this, we went home to fix our things and check out at the hostel. We are now headed to Macau. Do not be confused about the other Ferry Terminal in HK, here’s the correct one:

Since Sheung Wan is our last MTR station we surrendered our octopus card.

We ate lunch somewhere near the station since the ferry will take at least 1 to 1.5hrs.

The food is good for two persons already but we ordered 1 meal each since we do not know how big the serving is. Haha!

If you don’t want to walk around Sheung Wan, you can go directly to the Ferry Station. There are also restaurants there.

The Shun Tak Centre connects you to the ferry station. Ticket going to Macau will cost you 177hkd each.

Upon arriving at Macau, we went straight to the Fisherman’s Wharf which will cost you around 60ish MOP if you ride a cab. In Macau, they charge you an extra free if you have luggage. Hehe πŸ™‚

Some photos from the wharf:

The place is very instagrammable πŸ™‚

From here we ride cab going to Best Western Hotel Sun Sun. Probably one of the best affordable hotels in Macau.

Super clean room, nice bathroom, fridge available and all items inside are free, near to the tourist destination, very friendly staff, and portable wifi being provided that can be used within your stay. Super like! πŸ™‚

Few walks from here is the Senado Square where you can find souvenir shops, shopping outlets, and the St. Paul Ruins.

Day 4

Last day in Macau 😦 we ate breakfast at Lord Stow’s ex-wife place:

House of one of the best egg tarts and milk tea in town.

From here we went to buy some souvenirs and jerky at Senado Square. Then, went home to the hotel to check out.

From the hotel, we ride a cab going to the Venetian. Left our luggage at the valet for 10MOP each. Ate lunch, went shopping, and go to the airport via the free shuttle.

Bye Macau!


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