I am Marikit Azores Valmadrid living at Pinaod San Ildefonso Bulacan. My parents are both farmers managing our 4 hectares farm but before we used to have a store in front of a private school at Candelaria, Quezon. We are four in the family, my parents, me and my little sister Mayumi. Even though we’re not lucky to have all the luxurious in life, I’m luckier to have a complete, full of love,  happy, and God-fearing family.

I studied at the University of Santo Tomas the Pontifical and Royal Catholic University of the Philippines took up BS Information Systems. In life things happen unexpectedly, I am honored to be a part of the San Lorenzo Ruiz Working Scholars a scholarship program of UST. This privilege is given to students who are in need of financial assistance and I’m lucky to be one of those students. I took grade 1 – grade 4 at Montessori School of Immaculate Concepcion at Baliwag Bulacan and grade 5- grade 6 at Manuel L. Quezon Elementary School at Candelaria, Quezon. However the elementary school I graduated do not offer secondary level that’s why I took it at Lady Mediatrix Institue also in Candelaria, Quezon.

A working scholar’s blog?
Yes, it’s true. Kahit hindi halata, working scholar ako from first year to fourth year college. Would you believe that I survived?



Allergic sa Eggs.
Frustrated Web Designer.
Hello Kitty Fanatic.
Loves Green.
Random blogger.
Student Athlete.
Student Leader.
Tech Consultant.
Working Student.

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Things I want

I’m into shopping sometimes haha. But I’m into saving up money to buy big things too (got this from Inay Donn)

  • Smart phone – HTC Desire Z [July 2011]
  • Camera – Canon S100 [May 2012] Sira na to. Please pakipalitan HAHA
  • Laptop bag – Roxy [June 2012]
  • Travel bag- Roxy [June 2012]
  • TV
  • Kinect
  • iPod – iPod nano 6th gen [June 2012]
  • iMac – Malabo ng makuha haha. But Macbook with love [August 2015]
  • Personal Ref [April 2015]
  • Mixer [for my graham cake making]
  • Acoustic guitar [kahit hindi naman ako marunong mag guitar haha]
  • Projector

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